A Laser Cutter Offers Numerous Benefits for Business Sign Engraving

Having a new or redesigned sign made for a business is an important step an owner needs to take to help get the company’s name out to potential clients. It can range from a large pylon sign that announces the tenants in a shopping area to an awning or a wall or projecting sign mounted on a building. Business owners who need to save money but want their company’s exterior visual presence to look its best may want to consider investing in a laser-engraved sign.

Benefits of using laser engraving for business signs

A CO2 or a fiber laser cutting machine offers some distinct advantages over traditional cutting techniques. Since laser cutting is done with light rather than with tools, the cut is exact and consistent. The sign material doesn’t have to be held down with clamps to prevent it from moving while it’s cut, so the chances of the material becoming warped during the process is negligible. Precise detailing in art and lettering is much easier when a laser engraving tool is used. The clean-up required once the cutting process is done is nearly non-existent when a laser machine is used.

Types of materials a laser engraver can cut

Dense woods like cedar, redwood and wood veneers, coated metals, stainless steel and aluminum are some of the more typical kinds of materials used in constructing business signs. Laser engraving works well with these types of materials, as well as with marble and granite. Less common materials such as extruded acrylic, plastic with ultraviolet (UV) protection and polycarbonate are also good candidates for laser engraving. Even glass, textiles, foam core and rubber can be easily used to create business signs using laser equipment.

Engraving companies work with potential customers

A laser engraving company such as Boss Laser is committed to working with a business to help create the signs it needs. Whether the business is brand new or needs updated or renovated signage, the laser engraving company can help the owner determine the best design for an exterior sign. Laser engraving is an excellent resource for indoor signs as well. Trained technicians can process sample signs to help a business owner visualize how a sign would look before making a final purchase.