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Top definition. Face sitting unknown. Face sitting is when one person sits on another person's face.

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Oh you want me to go down on you This isn't making sense. I see what's going on here.

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It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations. This is mostly a 'serious' community - posts and comments that sidetrack discussion will be removed and may result in a ban. Posts that do not follow the posting guidelines in the FAQ will be automatically removed.

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One fundamental truth about the language of sex is that some words and expressions are immediately, viscerally hot, while others are really not. As an expression, an act, and a concept, it is just hot. Why though?

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Sex is like ice cream; we all have our favorite flavor. According to a recent sex study, the greatest predictor of long-term sexual satisfaction for couples was a willingness to try something new, and sex positions were at the top of the list. To nail the CAT position, start off in missionary and, after penetration, slide your pelvis a few inches higher than usual.

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Google has promised to stop its Android phones from suggesting "my face" when its users text "sit on. Cory Doctorow came close to a disaster when he texted his kids' babysitter, "Hey! Are you free to sit" and Android's predictive text came up with "on my face.

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Once you work out the mechanics, it might become one of your favorite sexual activities. He eats you out, which feels good. It can feel incredibly powerful and empowering, which works well during roleplay.

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February 24, Even if you hate it, it should be offered. Even if you hate getting eaten out- he should still want to. If a man that you are with can not take part in the simplest act- pleasing you- then he is not worth your time.

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There are a lot of other positions to do oral in where you can fully relax without worrying about killing someone. I love sitting on my partners face and he loves it back. He has made jokes about that being how he wants to die.

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