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A male will bite onto his lady friend, then fuse his face to her body. He lives the rest of his days like this, releasing sperm when she releases eggs. That little bump at the back of her belly?

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Unlike the majority of salamanders and other amphibians, the alpine salamander doesn't lay eggs and instead gives birth to fully developed young after 2- to 3-year-long pregnancies. Flamingos and salmon, for example, eat a lot of blue-green algae that contains carotenoidswhich are the pigments that make them so pink. Afterwards, squid have significantly less energy for foraging, avoiding predators, and swimming.

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When it comes to sexual promiscuity, Madonna's got nothing on the average free-loving, masturbation-happy bottlenose dolphin. The exhibit contains everything you ever wanted to know about animal sex but were afraid to ask. Heck, it's probably more than you ever wanted to know, much less thought of asking.

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Most animals use touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight to identify and attract a mate that goes for humans too. But some species have additional and unusual weapons in their sexual armoury — the ability to sense vibrations and electric signals which indicate that a similar creature is in the vicinity. Of course, it takes one to know one — and these signals are usually invisible to other species that don't possess the requisite receptors needed to pick up on these vibrations and signals.

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Many of us try to put a little spice into our bedrooms. However, some of these animals would give humans an run for our money while a couple would probably be arrested. When the giraffe male finds a suitable female, he bends over, nudges her backside with his head … and drinks her urine.

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There are things women think about… sexual fantasies they visualise in their minds every single day, that would SHOCK you. Are you crap in bed? If you are then you NEED to watch this video. Another one of top fantasies women have… domination.

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Actually, sea sex is way more fraught than your average tinder hookup, Dr. We called up Hardt to learn how her insights into deep-sea sexy times can inform and improve our own sexy times. Go forth at your own risk, lusty land lobsters.

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